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How to Start A Blog In Less Than 15 Minutes

There is certainly no denying the fact that blogging is one of the very known words, which we hear casually on daily basis. Some of you might have an idea about blogging and its working, however, the majority of us have no accurate idea or information about the word blogging and its working systems. For today, my goal is to deliver the accurate and applied meaning of ‘blog’ and what are the basic steps which a person can take to start a blog just within 15 minutes

start a blog
start a blog

What Is A Blog?

Blog in a correct term is an online site or a page, which is maintained and operated by people on a frequent basis (i.e. daily) for the sake of sharing their ideas, thoughts, personality and their skills, which are expressive and can be shown to the complete world. A blog can also be called as a personal site of an individual who wishes to share his/her content with other people who might be interested in it. When we talk about content then, it can be of any style or nature. The widely-accepted style is proper yet casual, where writers are supposed to communicate with his//her readers in the form of approachable words, fragments, sentences and even stories.

Earning money online is one of the easiest yet complicated ways of earning living. There is certainly no denying the fact that there are many ways through which a person can make money online and the person can also create a number of jobs for all those people who are trustworthy enough to work for others. However, the most important thing is that a person should always look for those ways, which are less time taking and are profitable enough.

For today, our goal is to throw light on how to start/set up a blog and how it makes that blog profitable with your amazing skills.


How to Start a Blog?

For starting a blog, firstly, you need to download and install WordPress and then, set up your account on WordPress. It is quite easy to download from the official website with the help of download browser. Once you have installed it on your personal computer then, next step is uploading of WordPress on the hosting account. For the sake of uploading on hosting account, you need to install Bluehost software. It is indeed one of the most amazing software’s when it comes to hosting.

There is certainly no denying the fact that hosting is one of the most important aspects of hosting blog and it should not be ignored at any cost. This website is used by millions of new and experienced bloggers for the sake of getting a best hosting blog.

Once you are done installing of Bluehost account. Now the next step is choosing a most reliable theme for your blog. You can either go for Bluchic, which helps in choosing the theme for your blog and if you think that you can design a better theme for your website then, you are supposed to follow the guidelines given below.

A theme isn’t just about choosing colors and pictures for your blog. However, it is more about choosing the right design for your blog so that you can gain the attention of your readers. You can choose themes from Bluchic by visiting the website and following certain guidelines.

Guidelines To Follow:

  • Your blog design should consist of a Header (for the blog name and powered sector), Footer (for copyright explanation and other information) and Content.
  • Next up is ‘Menu List’. Menu list should be well-organized enough to bring insight about your entire site.
  • After Menu, concentrate on its ingredients. First, create your Mission and Vision statement so that your customers can get information about your blog.
  • Choose and Set catalogs for your blog. For example, if you are planning to introduce a fashion blog. Then, it should contain categorizes like, Latest Trends, Fashion Fads, Failure Fashion Attempts, Celebrity Style etc. Titles should be attractive in nature and should appeal to your audience.
  • Categories should be included in your menu list that permits your readers to get access to past and archives posts.
  • Your content page should contain relevant yet expressive images, so that readers can get information, just in a glance. You can also add opening videos for further description.
  • DON’T forget to provide details about your copyrights because they increase the authenticity of your blog.
start a blog
start a blog

 How to Make Blog Profitable?

  • Use Graphical Illustrations: You might have heard a phrase which says that ‘a perfectly illustrated picture, worth a thousand words’. Well, that’s indeed true. If you want to connect to your reader then, use attractive pictures with clearer content.
  • Effective Marketing Techniques: Marketing is a delicate component and it should be defined separately. Marketing is an only way to which you can get connected to your people.
  • Follow Your Own Writing Style: When you decide to follow your own style. Then, trust me, you don’t need to worry about your tone and writing patterns. If you are obsessive enough to write then, all you need to do is just focus
  • Formatting and Hyperlinks: Formatting increases readability, however, hyperlinking fill your articles with authenticity. When you hyperlink your source then, you are basically stating that your article is properly traced and your blog can be called as a credible reading source.
  • Be Actively Present on Social Media: You are, no doubt supposed to show your vigorous presence on social media. Make a public blogging page and send an invitation to people and ask them to share their thoughts and give reviews. Write on your topics and try to win the hearts of your targeted audience. If you are a beginner with blogging. Then, you can choose to show ads with the help of Facebook’s ad policy. Other than that, do take help from your friends.


Above stated are only a few ways to start a blog and setting up a profitable blog. However, you can learn more from Electronic courses available on the internet about how to set up a profitable blog with the period of 5 days.



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