How to Rank #1 on Google’s Featured Snippets

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how to rank

How to Rank #1 on Google’s Featured Snippets

Google is continuously trying to make the ‘search’ process simpler and attractive for its users. Starting from location-filtered results, to featured snippets, Google is integrating those strategies which could provide advantageous results to its users.Since the trends are changing on the rapid basis, the digital marketers are supposed to jump out from their comfy-zone so that they could easily analyze the changing SEO trends, their effects on the targeted niche and the ways of capitalizing the changes.And also How to Rank #1 on Google’s Featured Snippet.

Recently, Google has launched the ‘featured snippets’ which facilitate the readers to acquire the answer to their query without clicking on provided URL.


how to rank
How to Rank #1 on Google’s Featured Snippets


Since we know that Google would never stop bringing innovation for its users, therefore it has become necessarily important for digital marketers to keep a keen eye on the latest innovations so that they could utilize the opportunity for optimizing the content.

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What are Featured Snippets?

Featured snippets are the featured results which appear on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) when any user asks the question in the query format. These featured snippets are highly precise and tend to answer the asked query in a direct manner.

This feature allows the users to find the exact answer to their question without skimming through the detailed articles. Initially, Featured Snippets increased the click-through concerns for the digital marketers, however, later on, it was researched that featured snippets are highly effective and could help marketers in increasing the click-through rate by following the right format.


How to Switch to the Featured Snippets Bandwagons?  

Jumping to the featured snippets facility is all about optimizing the web content in the right manner. For achieving the better ranking, the marketer needs to keenly play around the SEO techniques and look out for those opportunities which could provide maximum ranking by answering the few questions, which we are going to discuss below.


How to Rank Higher in the Featured Snippets Search Results?

The recent research on the ranking of featured snippets search results indicates that the web pages which became successful in acquiring the higher ranking used the technique of ‘questions’.

Usually, users tend to find the answer to their queries by using the following words and phrases:

  • What is/are
  • How to
  • What does
  • How does
  • How to do?

Since the purpose of featured snippets is to provide the short and relevant answer to the queries, it is necessary to rightly capitalize those things which could increase the likeliness of presenting the needed thing on the SERP.


how to rank
How to Rank Higher in the Featured Snippets Search Results?


Some of the techniques and strategies which could effectively help in gaining the higher featured snippets ranking through web content are as follows


  1. Provide answers to Keyword Related Queries

The placement of your content should be question-answer specific. For instance, the header should consist of the answers of ‘what is, how to and how does’. Additionally, the query should be placed right below the header in the <p> tag.


  1. Keep the Length Short

The length of the answer or query plays a crucial role in determining your ranking. You can either go for answering technique based on steps or paragraphs with a shorter length. It is recommended to keep the word count between 54 and 58 each paragraph


  1. Properly Structure your Web-page

If the requirement of your niche isn’t step based, you can still achieve the higher featured snippets ranking by properly structuring your web page. Google tends to extract information from web pages which consist of direct and relevant information with good structure.


  1. Provide Step-based Answers

Step-by-step answers or queries which are arranged in the chronological order are more likely to get featured in the Google snippets than those which consists of the paragraph format. It is better to use the format which uses the terms such as:

  • Step one
  • Then, choose
  • Follow step no 1
  • Start by and etc.


It is also recommended to go for the sub-headings and pointers in order to get the better ranking


Bottom Line:

Gaining highest ranking in the Google SERP is not entirely linked with employing the differentiated strategies for capitalizing the opportunities. However, it is the ongoing learning process, which helps the digital marketers in gaining insight about the latest trends and its impact on your web page.

If you want to grow and learn the growth techniques, you need to understand the importance of research and how it could help you in growing your business faster.

Additionally, the visibility of the page is also dependent on the structure of the web page. For instance, if the content is organized in the pointer and heading format then, it is more likely to get higher visibility than those web pages which are structured in the paragraph format.

Any queries? Share with us by leaving your comments below.


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