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Part Time Online Jobs

Part Time Online Jobs

The Internet has now become a global marketplace where people belonging from different economic and demographic class tends to earn a significant sum of the money by undertaking certain tasks and procedure. Part time online jobs not only facilitate students in financing their needs, but it also helps them in improving their academic performance by gaining information about the real corporate world and its subsidiaries.

The employed-sector is also enjoying the monetary benefits of the online platform because you don’t need to have certain sort of qualification for entering into the world of part time online jobs.

If you are looking for some credible part time online jobs then, continue to read on!

Part Time Online Jobs
Starting to work on part time online jobs

Best Part time Online Jobs

The best part time online jobs are the ones which suit your schedule and can help you in utilizing your hidden skills.

  1. Start Online Tuitions

Part Time Online Jobs
Online tutors

Online teaching might not be the highest paid part time online jobs but it is the perfect option for those individuals who love to help other people out by using their knowledge and expertise.

You can provide tuitions about anything. If you are good at any subject and other people are facing difficulty then, set a schedule, choose an online calling platform like Skype, determine the tuition fees ( it’s better to charge on an hourly basis) and start your work.

Online teaching is divided into two major categories:

  • Individual Tuitions

The individual teaching is easier and less time consuming because teachers are only supposed to focus on one student at a time. While individual tuitions are less stressful because you can easily concentrate on the one thing and make money by using your expertise.

  • Group Teaching

In group teaching, teachers are supposed to handle the group of at least 4-5 people connected through different devices. This job is quite tiring because handling different people at one time is quite difficult but you can earn more money at a time as compared to individual teaching.

How to Start?

  • Decide which age group and course you are willing to teach
  • Advertise yourself by making a post on social media platforms.
  • Ask people in your circle if they want tuitions or if they know someone who would be interested.
  • Keep your rates low in the starting so that you can create an edge and attractive people towards your services.
  • Maintain the quality, always.
  1. Work as a Social Media Manager

Part Time Online Jobs
Social Media Manager

Who are Social Media, Managers?

Social media managers are responsible for handling the media platforms of any organization and help in achieving the company’s goal of more sales.

Social media managers work on those strategies which can help the company in attracting more people towards the brand through social media. For instance, on-time posting of content, the release of giveaways for engagement and tracking the needs of customers.

This online-job is the ideal option for business or social sciences students because they will get the chance of learning about different social media tools, how to appeal the market and report to the company’s head.

How to Start?

  • If you already know about social media tools then start looking for online companies who are willing to offer you the job.
  • If you are a newbie then start watching online tutorials for social media management and learn about some key tools.
  • It’s better to create a portfolio for better chances of growth and higher pay rates.
  • For creating a portfolio; you can work with individual and SME’s for gaining experience. They might pay you less but the experience is crucial.
  1. Be a Transcriber

Part Time Online Jobs
Be a Transcriber

Who are the Transcribers?

Transcriptionists are responsible for listening to a particular text (can be an audiobook, paragraphs, scripts or any article) and writing the exact text down on different software like MS Word or Notepad.

This part time online jobs is the highest paid and very flexible because you can listen to the context anytime and type it. If you can listen and write at the same time then, this job is the perfect option for you.

It’s not important to have any prior experience for the transcriber job.

How to start?

  • Test your listening skills by taking an online Check out British Council IELTS website for practicing the skills. You can also score yourself.
  • Make an account on online marketplaces like Fiver, Upwork, and Freelance and starting posting your gigs.
  • Try to learn different accents so that you can get better offers and higher rates.
  1. Be an Online Freelancer Writer

Part Time Online Jobs
Freelance Writer

Who are the Freelancers?

Freelancers are free to work with any company and take on different projects until they are capable of handling different deadlines. As a freelance writer, you will be responsible for writing on different topics.

If you have a good grip on the language and you can express yourself freely then, it’s time to start the writing work right away.

Different Types of Writing Jobs

  • Ghost Writers
  • Blog Writers
  • Guest Writers
  • Copywriting
  • Caption Handlers

How to Start?

  • Select your favorite topic and make a writing draft so that you can send your work to the recruiters.
  • Start posting about your services on different social media groups.
  • Try to focus on research and quality content for earning more money. For better research, enable the SimilarWeb extension on your home web.
  • If you are a newbie then, check out the online tutorials on the subject for gaining accurate knowledge.
  • For bring differentiation in your writing, always try to learn about SEO and Keywords.

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  1. Digital Marketing

Part Time Online Jobs
Digital Marketing

Technically, digital marketing is a proper profession and there are a number of agencies which works to provide digital services, however, there are certain small companies in the market who consider digital marketing as a part of social media handling and SEO system.

You can work as a digital marketer for small companies and create your portfolio for better offers.

How to start?

If you have even little knowledge about SEO, Keyword analysis, and social media management then, taking up the position of online digital manager isn’t a hard thing.

  • You can start the job by working as the online digital manager for the Facebook pages.
  • Start sending your resumes to the page owners and try to convince them that digital marketing is the only way of boosting sales.
  • You can learn some tools by downloading different free extensions or watching the free tutorials.

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  1. Complete Online Surveys

Part Time Online Jobs
Online Surveys

As customer satisfaction has become the center of sale for any organization, therefore, big organizations are interested in gaining the customer insight by through detailed surveys.

For earning money through online survey jobs, you need to associate yourself with those companies who are willing to take your services.

How to start?

  • Look out for online survey jobs and give the required information.
  • Choose a particular product of a company. It’s better to select the product you are familiar with for better charges.
  • Download the stated or linked app for getting the money transfer.
  • Through this job, you can easily earn just by investing 30 to 40 minutes a day.
  1. Be an Online Seller

Part Time Online Jobs
Online Seller

Online selling jobs are the ideal ones because you don’t need to associate yourself with any third party for earning the money. In online selling, you can earn money on the basis of commission.

For instance, if you are selling any used product then, you might not get the price equal to the market but you can still earn some commission.

Girls can easily sell makeup, clothes and other accessories online while boys can go for selling clothes and other stuff. Online selling is the easiest and money making the job, which can be done on the small scale.

How to start?

  • Decide one product and start finding the sellers who can provide you stuff at lower rates. For instance, you can buy the branded makeup at discount from retail vendors and sell them online at slightly higher rates.
  • Make a Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat account for marketing purpose.
  • Make sure to take clear and attractive pictures of products for increasing the sales.
  • You can also associate yourself with different social media groups for more reach.
  1. Earn by Connecting People

Part Time Online Jobs
Connecting People Online

Third-party Jobs

If you have good relations with different employee-seeking people and also with the job-seeking individuals then, you can start your own business of the middlemen.

How to be a Middle Men?

For starting as middlemen, you need to establish a link between two people. For instance, if you are starting as middlemen for content writing job then, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Make your account on the online platform. Try to be as attractive as possible because you have to gain the attention of the company.
  • Now hire few individuals who are willing to work as a freelancer for you.
  • Set one particular rate. It’s better to work on 70: 30 ratio for better growth.
  • Now start taking bulk orders and earn a commission based on the single project.
  1. Be a Proof Reader and Editor

Part Time Online Jobs
Proof Reader and Editor

If you can’t tolerate any sort of grammatical and contextual mistake in any written passage then, proofreading and editing jobs are waiting for you.

Proofreaders and editors are responsible for recognizing any sort of grammatical, structural or spelling mistake in the context and correct it while considering the passage.  

Highest Paid Job

Due to the language barriers, it is hard for everyone to master the art of perfect grammar and how it should be applied for maintaining the quality.

The digital companies are always looking for those individuals who have a strong grip over the language because grammar plays a crucial role in maintaining the consistency in the level of communication and because of the very same reason, companies are always ready to pay the highest price for correction.

How to start?

  • Associate yourself with online companies. You can find the proofreading and editing jobs under the category of writing.
  • Start giving the trailers for other companies so that you can make your portfolio.
  • If you already have good proofreading experience then, you can apply for international jobs for getting extremely handsome sum.
  1. Data Entry Jobs

Part Time Online Jobs
Online Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs are the easiest ones because for executing them you only need a computer with internet connection.

Job Descriptions

The individuals at data entry position are responsible for feeding data into the sheets so that they can easily be accessed and operated by the company. Sometimes people are responsible for copying information from one site and pasting it on other (which is super easy).

How to start?

  • Start looking for the companies who offer data entry job and make your profile so that you can get the job offer.
  • As the market is totally occupied, start with lower rates so that you can create an edge.
  • Try to work as fast as possible because data entry job is all about speed and accuracy.
  • You don’t need to have any prior experience to start the data entry job
  1. Online Analysts

Part Time Online Jobs
Providing Online Analytics

Online analysts/online researchers are responsible for keeping an eye on the moving trend and make predictions about the next step. This job is quite technical in nature because you need to pay a lot of attention to every single detail.

For instance, if you are working as an online analyst for a clothing brand then, you have to check the company’s competitors, its rivalries, changing needs of customers, new trends and how other companies are trying to attract the customers.

These jobs are rare but if you can do it then, nothing could you from earning a huge amount of money on monthly basis.

How to start?

  • It’s better to work as an in-house researcher for different companies for gaining experience.
  • You can start working online by associating yourself with different online brands especially the ones which are new in the market and planning to boost the sales.
  1. Online Mystery Shopping

Part Time Online Jobs
Online Mystery Shopping

What is Mystery Shopping?

It is a process of secretly observing the behavior of customers while they are shopping. Mystery shoppers are financed by the company so that they can work in the realistic situation.

As online shopping has now taken over the world, therefore, mystery shopping is considered as the part time online jobs.

How to start?

  • This job is very technical, so you have to give certain screening tests and attend training sessions for becoming the mystery shopper.
  • Once you have acquired the proper information then, potential clients will start contacting you because there are very few mystery shoppers in online market and demand is on the go.
  • You can easily make this job your full-time profession because it is interesting in terms of experience and monetary perks.

All the mentioned part time online jobs are the best ones because they are not restricted by deadlines and empowers you to earn a handsome sum of money on the weekly or monthly basis.

So are you ready to discover your hidden talent? If you liked reading our work on Part time online jobs or if you have any question then don’t hesitate, Share your experience with us by leaving your comments below.

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