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Online Part Time Jobs

15 Online Part Time Jobs

When we grow up, it becomes necessarily important to earn a certain sum of money to finance our needs and some leisure expenses. Managing part-time jobs with your full-time degree or work hours is quite difficult, but the monetary perks associated with part-time jobs are surely overwhelming. Online part time jobs not only allows you to meet your own expenses such as paying tuition fees, membership fees and fulfilling desires, rest it also facilitates in gaining the professional experience that enhances our communication, managing and sometimes leadership skills.

Online Part time Jobs
Online Part time Jobs

So some of the worthwhile online part time jobs are as follows.

Best Online Part Time Jobs

There are definitely a number of part-time online jobs in the market, which allows you to make a good sum of money in flexible hours, but you should always select the ones which are in-lined with your interest and hobbies.

  1. Be a Writer

Online Part time Jobs

If you are passionate about sharing your thoughts with other people plus you have good writing skills (No contextual or grammatical mistakes) then, nothing could stop you from earning a great sum of money on monthly basis.

The scope of article or blog writing is majorly divided according to the categories.

For instance, you can either start working for a company on a contractual basis, it means, you will be asked to complete certain article assignments under the given deadline or you can become a freelancer and work on different projects according to your flexibility.

Categories of Article Writing:

  • Ghostwriter for the Website or the Blog:

Ghostwriters are the ones who develop content for the specific website or blog but writer’s name is kept hidden when the content is posted.

  • Technical Writing:

Technical or business writers are the ones who have knowledge about certain technical issues related to particular topic. For instance, engineering or medical specialist or business report writers

  • Copywriting:

It is the process of motivating the potential readers of the website or blog to read the posted content. It is the marketing tactic which is used to increase the credibility of the website.

  • Daily Online Newswriting:

As the name suggests, in this job the candidate is supposed to generate news-based content on daily basis and upload them.

  • Academic Writing:

The academic writers are the ones who complete the academic assignments of other students. Academic writing is also called as high-paid online jobs because the harder you work, the better you get!


Through the different forms of writing, you can easily earn $5 to $25 depending on the level of grip you have on the language and how prompt you are in executing the given commands.

Where to find?

For finding the right writing jobs you can check different social media groups, which are made for this purpose only.

  1. Online Surveys

Online Part time Jobs
Online Part time Jobs

Earning money through online surveys is another best way of making up to $100 a month. There are a number of multi-national companies who are always looking for those people who can provide a real review about a certain product or service.

Online survey job is surely the best one because it doesn’t require any sort of qualification. You just need to have adequate information about the particular brand and you are all ready to make money online.

These reviews help the company in crafting strategies and increase the sales. For working as an online survey form filler, you need to follow some steps.

  • Get yourself registered with the companies who are willing to take your service.
  • Search websites for online survey. This step will help in finding the companies based on your locality.
  • Provide your relevant information to the hiring company and decide the payment mode.
  • Fill at least 5-7 survey’s a day and you can earn $5 to $20 per survey.
  • Each survey will take 10 to 30 minutes.

The survey shows, the people living in UK, USA, and Canada, can make more money than those living in other parts of the world.


Always check the credibility of the company before starting the work. Check their web rating and valid associations.

  1. Data Entry Jobs

Online Part time Jobs

If you have a workable computer with good internet then, you have already qualified for the Data Entry Job.

These are the jobs in which you are only supposed to fill few excel sheets or sometimes copy paste the information from another block.

Data entry jobs are not only easiest, but they can be performed without having any prior work experience or any sort of educational qualification.

Through data entry jobs you can easily earn up to $20 per hour.

  • Lookout for the local or international data entry websites.
  • Get your name registered with the company.
  • Some companies also take initial test for screening purposes.
  • For the test, learn some of the functions of excels like the handling of columns, rows, delete, insert function, and excel shortcuts.
  1. Social Media Manager

Online Part time Jobs
Online Part time Jobs

If you are a business student and planning to make some dollars by using your marketing expertise then, this job is the best part-time offer for you.

Social media managers are the ones who are responsible for promoting the company and creating engagement by using different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.

This job could be a fun part for business students because they will get the chance of making and implementing different social media strategies for the company.

Through this job, you can easily earn up to $80 per day depending on the company. For finding the job, you can check out the local companies who are looking for the part-time social media manager.

  1. Freelancer Proofreading and Editor

Online Part time Jobs
Online Part time Jobs

If you have good observation skills and perfect grammar then, you can easily apply for the proofreading jobs.

Proofreading and editing jobs are the ones in which editor is required to read the entire paper carefully, detect any sort of grammatical or contextual mistakes and then, make the correction according to the subject.

These jobs are usually flexible and pay up to $15-$40 per assignment. Sometimes freelancers can also decide their own pay rate depending on the language grip and experience.

Proofreading and editor jobs are usually posted under the writing category. You can check several writing groups on social media for finding the right and trustable company.

  1. Earn By Connecting Company and Employee

Online Part time Jobs

There are a number of companies who are looking for the right employees who can fill the position.

You can start the online grouping business of connecting companies with employees and can charge a certain amount of commission on a successful match.

 Use Facebook group option for creating a platform and make money online.

Some online platforms like Fiver, Freelancer, and Upwork can also be used for this purpose, however, if you have a good connection with companies as well as the employees then, you can easily use the opportunity of establishing the platform by yourself.

  1. Transcriptionist

Online Part time Jobs

If you have good listening skills and knowledge about different languages then, you are all set to be a good transcriber.

Transcriptionists are the ones who are supposed to listen to an assigned piece of recording and writing the same thing down.

You don’t need to have any prior work experience or skills for this job, however, you might need to pay extra attention to every detail because this job includes few technical factors.

Through this job, you can easily earn up to $25 or more per hour. Additionally, this job is purely home-based.

  1. Make Presentations

Online Part time Jobs
Online Part time Jobs

This job might sound little different but it’s totally amazing. If you have a computer with updated MS Powerpoint then, you can easily do this job.

For earning money, you need to check out the assignment or details provided by the client and make a required number of Powerpoint slides.

Though this job you can easily earn $10 per slide. You can start this business by offering your services to the friends at lower rates or you can join the online assignment companies for more exposure.

Presentation jobs are highly flexible and can help in improving your own skills.

  1. Freelance Designer

Online Part time Jobs
Online Part time Jobs

If you have proper or even adequate knowledge about the adobe photoshop or other designing software’s then, you can easily apply for the path-time designing jobs and earn a handsome sum of money.

  • Forgetting a better offer, start making your portfolio.(Keep it diversified)
  • Start finding the potential companies or individuals who are willing to utilize your services through an online
  • Keep improving your work as it will help in getting high pay rate.
  • Normally, you can make up to $50-$100 per designing assignment.
  1. Online Customer Service Rep

Online Part time Jobs

Online customer service representatives are also called as virtual assistants who help the company in handling its customer base by answering their queries or feedbacks.

This online job is very flexible because you can open your account anytime and start answering the queries. If you have good communication as well problem-solving skills then, you can make a lot of money through this job.

The pay rate for this job usually varies according to the companies and the working hours. If you are handling higher workflow then, you might get paid little higher than others.

Normally, the company pays $10 to $ 40 per hour.

  1. Online Tuitions

Online Part time Jobs

Online tutors are the ones who aim to provide online individual or group classes from the home. As technology is developing rapidly, therefore, you can easily avail this opportunity for making a good sum of money.

Online teaching jobs are not only flexible but they also allow you to enhance the teaching skills and speed up the learning process.

You can initiate your own online teaching business by starting individual classes at a smaller level and can charge a specific amount based on the teaching hours or courses.

You can also use the platform for teaching about extracurricular activities not necessarily academic.

If you have a good grip on certain subjects then, you can also associate yourself with different online companies and earn $20 or more per hour.

  1. Online Researcher

Online Part time Jobs
Online Part time Jobs

Research is the most crucial element for any company because it helps in product development and aims to increase the company’s sale.

If you have a strong understanding of certain researching tools then, online researching job is surely for you. This job not only pays the highest, however, it can help you in acquiring eye-opening information about certain companies and their processes.

Through this job, you can easily make up to $15- to $30 per hour. You can easily find the online researcher jobs by checking the website of different researcher organizations.

For this job you might have to appear for the short screening test, however, once you have successfully cleared the test and interview then, you can easily work from home at flexible hours.

  1. View Ad and Earn

Online Part time Jobs

You can easily make money by clicking or viewing the Ads posted by certain companies for the promotional purposes. In the online businesses, companies place their ads on different websites for increasing the reach of the product and boosting the sales.

If you are clicking on the ad then, the hosting company will get a certain sum of money and they will give some part of the money to you.

Through this job, you can earn up to $20 to $30 per ad (usually 5 seconds). Usually, people are asked to view different ads for 30 minutes to make more money.

For this online job, you don’t need to have any sort of qualification or expertise.

  1. Part-Time Seller

Online Part time Jobs
Online Part time Jobs

If you have good convincing skills then, you can easily become the part-time online seller and make commission based money.

The online seller jobs are the ones in which the potential seller associate him/herself
with the company and make an agreement of selling a certain number of products
during the day. If you are a girl then, you can go for beauty products and set a certain
product range for yourself.

This job is the perfect option for those who are planning to pursue their career in retail
or service sales. The pay-scale for this job varies according to the company you are
working with and the number of products you are selling in a day.

  1. Become Captcha Solver

Online Part time Jobs
Online Part time Jobs

Captcha solving job is just like a data entry job where you are supposed to fill certain
boxes for solving the given captcha.

Usually, this job is performed by the specialized people who have a proper
understanding about the captcha and how it should be solved for right results. If you
have specialized knowledge about the field then, you can easily earn up to $100 to $500
per month because these jobs are highly paid.

However, if you don’t have proper knowledge then, you can take some training classes online for increasing your own competitiveness. Entering captcha isn’t a hard job, however, sometimes it gets difficult to make the right combinations.


All the mentioned jobs are famous because of their flexibility and good earning options. Finding a part-time job isn’t a hard thing, however, maintaining commitment is!

So which online part-time job are you planning to go for? Ping us by leaving your comments below.

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