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Ways of Earning Money Through Google AdSense

Google is one of the biggest technological giant, which is currently operating worldwide. Google has not only provided effective search options to its customers however, it has also changed the way people communicate with each other. How do you make google money?

google money
google money

When Google started it business nobody knew that they would be able to earn money through this amazing search engine. If we talk about Google then, it is not possible to make money directly with Google. However, there are certain components of this technological giant, which can be used for making a handsome sum of money while sitting at home.

Additionally, if you are thinking that Google alone is used for the process of money making then, let me tell you that you are partially wrong. Before starting our discussion, I would like t draw your attention to the fact that Google and its business is widely expanded and this company provide millions of options to its users for making money.

Google Related Products:

Following are the products which are used by Google for converting your website or page into a more profitable forum, which can in return help you earning money.

If you are thinking that this is it then, let me tell you that Google also has some working solution sites, which can also be used for earning money and making your website or page more good.


For today, our main topic of discussion would be Google AdSense which is one of the primary source through which you can start earning money.


What is Google AdSense?

You must have heard it word before from the mouth of your that friend who earns online. Google AdSense is one of those platforms, which help people in selecting and targeting right audience moreover, right form of advertisement for your product or service.

There is certainly no doubt in the fact that this platform is loaded with numerous benefits, which are surely amazing only if used properly.

google money
google money

Advantages of AdSense

It is surely hard to underestimate the power of Google AdSense and the advantages attached to it. The main focus on this section would be on some of the very important benefits of this search engine and they can be used for maximizing the money earning process.


  • Helps in High Quality Ads: Quality is everything for Google and it also aims to provide same quality to its customers. One of the biggest of the advantages of Google AdSense is that it provides quality ads so that your targeted market can get attracted and you can earn good amount of money.


  • Always Display Space for Ads: Google AdSense also works to increase the number of ads, which can be displayed on your page or website thus, providing more options of earning money. It also provides assistance to allot your space to a relevant advertiser so that you can have more traffic on your page or website.
  • Helps You Get Connected with Your Audience:  What could be better than getting connected with your market automatically. Yes! Google AdSense helps you convert your website or page into a user-friendly and mobile-friendly platform. Nowadays, as people prefer to use their mobile phones more rather than their computers and laptops therefore, you are supposed to optimize your page or site according to mobile-interface. Google AdSense helps you built your site in the same way.
  • Helps in Correcting Mistake: Google AdSense also provides help in checking out the performance of your web and if it is not working according to the demands then, it also provides assistance in correcting mistakes and making you page or web more profitable.




How Does Google AdSense Works?

Working of Google AdSense is similar to the working of various other money making tools however, if you are interested in working with Google AdSense for boosting your profits then, you have to follow certain guidelines and polices, which are made by Google for the benefit of its customers.


  • Make your Account on Google AdSense: If you wish to avail the services of this amazing money making tool then, you have to make your account on Google AdSense by signing up. During account making process, you will be asked to provide information about your page, its nature, targeted market and other stuff, so that Google can analyze your page and start making ads for it.


  • Take an Extensive Tour for More Details: Tour of a site is one of the most important elements because it helps people in getting more knowledge about the requirements of the site regarding page or a website
  • Detailed Look at Policies: Policies should not be neglected at any cost because these policies guide you about the terms and conditions which are adopted by the company. If we consider these policies in detail then, they basically offer following options:
  • More Clicks: If you are interested in getting more likes or clicks on your website then, Google AdSense is the best place and tool for you. This tool basically encourages people to click on the ad placed not force them to do so.
  • Eliminate Invalid Clicks: If you are thinking that Google AdSense, just like any other tools, force you to get clicks then, you are wrong. It actually helps you in getting clicks from your targeted market thus, making your site or page more relevant and free from spammers.
  • Right Content for Your Site: Getting just right content for your website or page is one of the biggest challenges. The only way through which you can attract your market is content and Google AdSense provide you guidance on creating link between your site and ad content.
  • Patent Content: It also holds the vision of protecting integrity of your website by promoting and suggesting copyrighted material only.
  • Ad Placement Guidelines: This tool by Google is also capable of providing you right information about the placement of ad because if you place your wrongly then, it can ruin the experience of your readers.
  • Guidance About Technical Issues: Technical issues are usually very crucial in nature and it is always hard for a beginner to solve these problems by themselves. Google AdSense guidance system guides you about language requirements and limitations of the tool. It also helps beginners in formatting their site or page according to the needs of their visitors or readers. For example, if you have an Android then, Google AdSense will provide assistance to you and if you have an iPhone then, you can get access to SFSafariViewController, which is available exclusively for iOS 9.
  • Protects You from Gambling Content: The one of the biggest advantages of AdSense is that it saves your site from any kind of gambling content thus, providing more advantage to your website.




How Will You Earn Money?

Now to throw light on the most important topic. If we analyze the working of Google AdSense then, it basically makes you payment according to CTR (Click Through Rate). This is the rate through which your payment is decided and it works on the basis of click as well as on the individual ad impression.

For instance, one page of your web is equals to three impressions. Moreover, if you manage to get five clicks out of 500 ad impressions then, your CTR is expected to be 1 percent and Google AdSense will pay you according to the same rate.

If we talk about quota then, Google actually pays you 68 percent of what it gets from the advertiser. The rates set by Google are very impressive because normally advertiser never pay this much amount to those who display their ads. Google AdSense also give ensure about quality display and a desirable rate of return to the investors.

After the working of CTR, Google AdSense judge the performance of your website on the basis of CPC which is also known as Cost Per Click. This measurement instrument is used to give understanding about the revenue earned through visitors. Cost Per Click is used by advertisers so that they can generate results about the revenue, which are obtained through the advertisement.

The percentage of this method depends on the willingness of the advertiser because at times, advertiser plans to pay more to their ad displayer however, this decision is made on the basis of niches. For instance, if your niche is marketing, finance or business related than they might plan to pay a greater amount than any other advertiser.

After CPC another method of cost analysis is adopted by the advertisers which is known as CPM (Cost Per 1000 impressions). In this method, the cost of website is decided on the basis of 1000 ad impressions. For instance, if you managed to get around 100 clicks then, the rate will be decided according to the impressions attached with the ads.

Some advertisers choose to adopt this method and choose to pay on even daily and weekly basis because this method is all about ad appearance on the webpage.



Above stated are just the few ways however, you can increase your earning by using above mentioned methods smartly.

Did you find this article of any use then, let us know by commenting below.



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