How to Start a Speech with Power and Confidence

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How to Start a Speech with Power and Confidence

Stage phobia has always been the major concern even for the renowned public speakers because finding words isn’t a hard job but letting those words flow out of your mouth is pretty hard! So, today we are going to discuss How to Start a Speech with Power and Confidence?

The purpose of starting a speech is not only about ‘speaking’ however, it is more about making a powerful impact, backed by feelings and confidence.

According to Maya Angelou, the only way through which you can win the hearts of your audience is by showing them a right path through your words and emotions.

If you are also afraid of speaking at the public gatherings then, start believing in yourself and start trying.


Confidence and Power Boost

Confidence is the only way through which you can attain the highest level of success and make a stronger impact. You should always remember that if you are confident then, it would be highly convenient for the audience to trust your words and understand your point.

No matter how hard you have prepared for the speech or how much information you have acquired to make your speech impressive, if you are lacking the needed power and confidence boost then, you can’t force your audience to give you a standing ovation.


Applicable Tips for Starting an Impressive Speech

  1. Give your Self a Break and Prepare:

Preparing for the speech is not about short-listing the important aspects of the topic or thinking about your dressing. These things do count but if you are well-prepared in the terms of speaking power then, people won’t notice your clothes.


Research is the pre-requisites for everything. You can’t make an impact with wrong or unclear information. Whether you have been invited to speak at the annual event, classroom or even small group presentation, research is the only key to success.

About Topic:

If you already know the context then, it is relatively easy to search for the topic, however, you cannot impress your audience without providing strong evidence.

For instance, if you are attending a workshop on recycling, in that case, start searching for the ‘importance of recycling’, ‘our role in environmental betterment’ and related topics.

  • First of all, decide a proper speech topic and reduce vagueness by researching the subject.
  • There is no harm in preparing cue cards as they help in remembering all the important things to be talked about.
  • Additionally, cue-cards can reduce the burden of memorizing each and everything.
  • This stage will help you in sounding more informative and concerned than anybody else.

About Audience:

  • After completing the research on the topic, start searching about ‘what your audience will like to hear;
  • This is the stage where you can get maximum information about your audience and what tricks to use for getting their attention.
  • For instance, if you are delivering a speech on spending money in the charity, you can’t really pursue the group without understanding their expected background and how they tend to perceive the things.
  • Lookout for the audience age bracket, psychographics, and their understanding level. This stage can make your speech amazingly impactful because you will know how to tackle a certain group.

It is better to do research a week before the final speech. During the remaining period, you can easily think of different factors and prepare for the best!

Time for the Break:

After properly preparing for the topic, you should give yourself a relaxing break. The first thing you need to do is ‘Stop Thinking’

Stop thinking about your topic, dress code, what people will think about you and what if you fail. You should be able to convince yourself that you have done all the things which you could have to make things better.


The best way of relaxing is doing some exercise in the fresh air and talking to those people who make you happy.

  • While you are on the break, start thinking about your own self, not your topic or presentation.
  • You should be able to analyze those things which you want your audience to identify during the speech
  • For instance, think about the qualities you wish to display (Confidence, informative and Satisfied)
  • Or think about the impact you are planning to make. Connect yourself to the topic and think about the benefits you would like to convey.
  • The mentioned steps can surely help in giving the power boost to your speech because your mind will be free from any sort of self-doubts or ambiguities related to the topic.

So be strong, be confident and let the world believe in you!


  1. First word to Utter on the Stage

When it comes to public speaking or any sort of the speech then, ‘the first impression is surely the last impression’.

However, your first impression is not judged on the basis of how well you present yourself or topic but it is scanned by using the ‘lasting impact’.

The first words, fragments, and sentences you utter on the stage are enough for the audience to understand your personality and decide whether the discussed topic is appealing enough or not.

How to Start Differently?

Never start your speech by using the daily life words like:

  • Hello, how are you all?
  • Good Morning, Thanks for giving me a chance!
  • I’m sorry for taking too long but….
  • And your stories about what difficulties you faced while reaching the venue or what happened to you during the morning.


Do Things Differently:

While starting your speech, your focus should be on presenting things uniquely rather than following the traditional ‘breaking the Ice’ system. The starting point is the chance for you to stand out and engage the minds of your audience in your speech.

You should always begin your topic by using some interesting facts as the opener. For instance, you can go for mind-opening questions as the starter or funny facts for bringing the audience on the same page.

Making perception or performing an activity can also help in gaining the attention of your audience.

  • Start with a Reflecting Questions

The best way of starting a speech is to ask a reflecting question which can force the other person to think and ponder over the topic. Your question should be mind-provoking in nature rather than the leading one.

  • Never ask the offensive questions. If you have properly identified the traits of your audience then, it would be easy to formulate the questions.
  • Refer to the international TEDx Talks for formulating the impressive openers.


How to Start a Speech with Power and Confidence
How to Start a Speech with Power and Confidence


  • Make a statement or Quote any Interesting Information

Starting your speech with an interesting fact or statement can help you in boosting the overall engagement level.

It is okay to go slightly off the track (information related to the topic) however, the fact should be authentic because it’s 100% possible for the audience to check the stated information.

  • State about some of the major concepts or the older fact that are in-lined with your topic.
  • State an eye-opening, motivational quote to appeal your audience.


How to Start a Speech with Power and Confidence

  • Crack a Relevant Joke (In-lined with Topic)

The lighter jokes which are slightly in-lined with the discussion topic are always treated as the effective openers because they help audience in perceiving that you are going to talk about something appealing for the next 30 to 90 minutes.


How to Start a Speech with Power and Confidence
How to Start a Speech with Power and Confidence


  • Ask your Audience to think of an Imaginary

Ask your audience to imagine about a particular thing and then, try to link your topic to their imagination. You can always look out for imaginary-practices by surfing the internet. It is always recommended to conduct proper research in order to reduce the on-stage confusion or panic.

For instance, if you are talking about the recycling of plastic to save a marine life then, ask your audience to imagine themselves as a fish, eating human trash or plastic items and then, direct them towards the topic.

  • Don’t drag the topic of imagination too much 180seconds are more than enough.
  • Carryout the Leadership (Ice Breaking Activities)

Breaking the ice activity can also bring your audience on the same page. You should always go for related leadership activities without dragging them.


Presentation Skills

The common perception says that presentation is all about conveying information to the audience, however, the reality is quite contradictory.

The art of perfect presentation is entirely linked with the proper usage and combination of the visual and audio system.


Learn the Art of Making PowerPoints

Steve Job’s is said to be the best public speaker in the world even till date. He is not only known for his best-presenting skills, however, for his impressive visual styles.

Research states that Steve Jobs only used to have a single pointer on one side and nothing else. His slides are famous for the visual simplicity.


How to Start a Speech with Power and Confidence
How to Start a Speech with Power and Confidence


The best powerpoint presentations are the ones which consist of precise information, which can be read in few seconds. For instance, if your slides are bombarded with information then, your audience will focus more on the slides rather than your speech.


How to Start a Speech with Power and Confidence
How to Start a Speech with Power and Confidence


Your Body Language Plays a Crucial Role

Always check your body language while delivering a speech. Most of the people make the mistake of standing at one stagnant place and making eye contact with a single part of the audience, which is totally wrong.

  • Always move your feet while speaking. Move forward when you’re highly enthusiastic and go back when nervousness strike
  • Keep moving your hands in moderate ways.
  • Decide one middle position on the stage and keep your movement on-going.


So are you all ready to make a powerful and confident impact in your next presentation?  Don’t be afraid to fail.


How to Start a Speech with Power and Confidence
All the best wishes to you! 



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