Cryptocurrency : Is it a good time to invest in Bitcoin?

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One mistake that many people made, is to think it’s too late when it’s still quite early.

When Bitcoin crossed $1000, people said ‘let’s wait till it get back to $500′. When it crossed $2000 they said ‘let’s wait till it get to $1000′, now it has crossed $4000 with no big dip in the process and those people lost a ton of free money.

Bitcoin has potential of crossing $10000 by next year, and crossing $5000 by this year end.

Why? Because with more exposure to Bitcoin and its return, demand of Bitcoin is increasing but it’s production is limited. High demand, low supply leads to price rise!

If you can make $5000 -$6000 in profit even after buying it at $4000, what’s wrong ?

I would say, Buy and Hold. Here is Bitcoin’s last year chart, over 700% return with no major dip

Keep calm and trust Bitcoin, it won’t disappoint you!

Act now or lose free money like many people did and regret now.

If you want to learn more, you can consider Digital gold. This book has everything about Bitcoin since its beginning to late 2015. Knowledge helps in making right decisions.


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