Facebook And AI – Mark Zuckerberg’s Work On Artificial Intelligence

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facebook and ai

Facebook And AI

The Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg is Preparing for the Demo of Artificial Intelligence:

FACEBOOK AND AI! There is no way we can deny the importance of Artificial Intelligence and its perfectly embedded technology and working mechanism. Though I totally agree with the fact that Artificial Intelligence is still something hypothetical for most of us, however, it is also hard to neglect the fact that this ultra-modern technology is gradually taking over our beloved world.

Artificial Intelligence is one of those new technologies which enable us to interact efficiently with computer systems. It authorizes audience to have a valid and meaningful conversation with the computer system with the help of machine-based learning mechanism. There is no doubt in the fact that Artificial Intelligence is gradually becoming a major and most influential part of every technology-based organization and now Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg is preparing for the extensive demonstration of Artificial Intelligence and its working mechanism so we might get to see Facebook and AI, hand in hand.

facebook and ai
Facebook and ai

Facebook And AI

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg announced that he is planning to launch a demo for Artificial Intelligence in coming months and he further elaborated the entire Artificial Intelligence story and mentioned that amalgamation of Artificial Intelligence into the system of butlers was given as a new year challenge to him and now he is all set to give very tough competition to its rivals with the help of this amazing and ultra-modern technology.


During a town hall event in Italy Mark Zuckerberg summarized the entire history of his upcoming demo in the following words.
“One of the challenges was to build an AI system to help me control my home and my work, and the other was to run an average of one mile a day. It turns out that one of those challenges was a lot easier than the other,”
He also mentioned that users would be able to do something very useful yet funny with upcoming Artificial Intelligence technology. If we shed some light on the
working of Artificial Intelligence powered Butler then, it basically enables people
to have effectual and more efficient security measures than ever before.
Now users are not supposed to scan their fingers for opening their devices, however, they will be asked to scan their faces, instead. Well, that’s quite alluring!

During the discussion session, Zuckerberg announced that he is currently planning to modify the entire course of the traditional technological market by putting Facebook and AI together. He is actually looking forward to coming up
with an automatic and highly empowered assistant, capable of performing human tasks such as controlling several tasks, performing dictated mechanism and few
other relevant duties and chores.

tasks such as controlling several tasks, performing dictated mechanism and few other relevant duties and chores.

facebook and ai
Facebook and ai

Mark Zuckerberg:

I must say Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook officials are no doubt continuously
putting immense efforts just to make the life of their users or even potential
users more convenient and meaningful.


The extensive demo of Artificial Intelligence is scheduled for the year 2016
However, for further confirmation about dates, venue, and timings, we are
supposed to wait for a little more while.

Any thoughts about this upcoming machine-based learning technology and its integration into the system of Facebook and butlers demo?
Don’t forget to share your views with us!



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