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effective blog

Effective Blog

What Are the Strategies Which Can Be Implemented For Making An Effective Blog?

There is certainly no doubt in the fact that Blogging and Bloggers are just very common names which we heard actually on daily basis. For today, we aim to study and identify those strategies which can be implemented to make your blog a differentiated one. There is no way to deny the fact that a differentiated blog is usually a famous and effective blog.

Before digging deep into the strategies which could be implemented. I would like to shed light on some of the characteristics of a blog. The characteristics or attributes of any blog help people in identifying what type of differentiation is needed and how it should be perceived by the desired body.

effective blog
effective blog

Attributes of an Effective Blog:

  1. First of all, your blog design should comprise of a Header (for the blog name and powered sector), Footer (for copyright description and other information) and Content.
  2. Next up is ‘Menu List’. Menu list should be efficient enough to deliver insight about your entire site.
  3. After Menu, focus on its ingredients. First, develop your Mission and Vision statement so that your prospective customers can get information about your blog.
  4. Choose and Set categories for your blog. For instance, if you are planning to introduce a fashion blog then, it should consist of categories like Latest Trends, Fashion Fads, Failure Fashion Attempts, Celebrity Style and etc. Titles should be catchy in nature and should appeal to your audience.
  5. There should be categorized in your menu list that allows your readers to get access to past and archives posts.
  6. Your content page should consist of relevant yet descriptive images, so that readers can get information, just in a glance. You can also add introductory videos for further description.
  7. DON’T ever forget to provide information about your copyrights because they increase the authenticity of your blog.

Characteristics of a Blog:

Blogging characteristics are those specifications which can be manipulated or enhanced in order to bring sound improvements in your blog. There is certainly no limit to these characteristics because they are mainly dependent on factors like trends, demands, and market. However, we aim to shed light on those characteristics which are highly important for your site and should be considered keenly.

  • Make Relevant Content Your First and Foremost Priority:

Trust me or not, relevant content is one of the most significant characteristics of any blogging site. For instance, if your blog name is ‘FunkyFashion’ but you are posting content about Pharmacy medicine then, trust me you are not going to make a penny. Be Focus and trendy.

  • Use formatting and Put Information, Just Rightly:

The writer is always supposed to do proper research and then, communicate his thoughts with the help of phrases, sentences and formatted paragraphs which are readable and understandable in nature.

  • Your Post Should Keep Your Readers Engage:

When your content is relevant and it is able to deliver right information then, people will start taking interested in your blog. You can also boost the performance of your blog by adding relevant pictures, links, and videos, however, be focused.


effective blog
effective blog


Now it’s time to talk about those strategies which should be adopted by a blogger if he/she is interested in making their blog more effective and appealing to its readers. According to various researchers and data released by different sources indicates that mentioned below points are really effective and can be implemented properly.

Components by definition are those elements which help the writer inaccurately elaborating his/her area of interest to his targeted customer. If you know how to make components and how they should be perceived then, you are already a hero!

In my opinion below stated are those components which hold the vision of making your blog more interesting and effective for your targeted market. Before we start our bullets, I would like to talk about the fact that most people consider Header, Content, and Footer as components of a blog, however, I believe these are the starter attributes which should be there, regardless of any manipulation and enhanced activities.


  • Use Graphical Illustrations:

You might have heard a phrase which says that ‘a perfectly illustrated picture, worth a thousand words’. Well, that’s indeed true. If you want to communicate with your reader then, use catchy pictures with clearer content. Picture content should be able to transfer your thoughts, instantly.

  • Effective Marketing Techniques:

I certainly agree with the fact that marketing is a tricky component it should be defined separately. Well, you will find it later on, however, for now, it is important to note that marketing is an only way through which you can connect to your people. Your blog is lifeless without marketing and promotions.

  • Follow Your Own Writing Style:

When you decide to follow your own style then, trust me, you don’t need to worry about your tone and writing patterns. If you are passionate enough to write then, all you need is a focus and here you go! I believe your article should consist of soft tones and friendly in nature.

  • Formatting and Hyperlinks:

Formatting enhances readability, however, hyperlinking equip your articles with authenticity. When you aim to hyperlink your source then, you are basically declaring that your article is properly sourced and your blog can be considered a credible readable source.


effective blog
effective blog

Promotion and Marketing:

As I mentioned before that blog is nothing with promotion and marketing. If you’re a marketer then, you are already leading but, if you’ve no idea about marketing. Then, hey you seriously need to read on!


  • Point of Differentiation:

This is the first and foremost principle of any marketing strategy. If you want to be a winner then, you need to create a point of differentiation. You must be thinking that what is ‘Differentiation’ well, this is basically a concept which enables people to think out of the box. If you are interested in creating a successful blog then, you need to be a trendsetter than a trend follower.

  • How to Differentiate Your Blog:

I would like to sum up this concept in the single liner and that is ‘Research’. Yes, you have heard it right! If you want to be a part of the trendsetting company then, you are expected to do research on a frequent basis. Again, research should be done while considering the factor and principles of pertinence. Fashion blogger researching of pharmacy topics, sound weird? Yes, it is!

  • Be Actively Present on Social Media:

You are, no doubt supposed to show your active presence on social media. Make a public blogging page and invite people to share their thoughts and give reviews. Write on your topics and try to conquer the hearts of your targeted audience. If you’re a beginner with money. Then, you can choose to display ads with the help of Facebook’s ad policy, other than that, do take help from your friends.

  • Build Relationships:

Blogging is another name for a relationship. Catch your friends, family, community, and colleagues and ask them to support your blog. Trust me, word of mouth really matters.



These are just the few steps which could be beneficial for your blog if implemented properly. If you have any queries or issues feel free to share your thoughts with us. We love to hear from you.

Leave your comments below in the comment section.



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