eBay Partner Network Program – [The Complete Guide On EPN ]

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eBay Partner Network Program

eBay Partner Network Program

Nowadays, every single person is interested in earning a good sum of money. If you are looking for a decent way of earning then, there is certainly no doubt in the fact that eBay Partner Network Program is one of the most effective ways of earning money.

If you are wondering that what is eBay Partner Network and how it is works then, let me tell you that this program is another form of affiliate marketing and in this method people or promoter are supposed to share products and if they become successful in sharing products and convincing people then, they would be able to earn a good sum of money through this program.

Informal words, eBay provide an opportunity to those people who own a website, page, blog or mobile applications to earn money by monetizing their sources and other online properties by driving traffic to the website of eBay.

The focus of this article would be in those ways which could help you in earning a maximum sum of money and those tricks and techniques which could be used by people for driving more traffic towards the site.

Before starting our process, I would like to talk about ePN, which is used by eBay for assuring smooth working and quality process for its affiliates as well as for its brands. The eBay Partner Network Program is known for its quality services and to give same services they follow certain principles which are designed for the benefit of affiliates and they are as follows:


  • This program will help you in earning maximum money based on your potential by marketing those category products which match your caliber.
  • You will also be able to earn around 200% bonus by getting those people who were once part of the eBay company and used the products. & you will also be paid for attracting more people.
  • Earn money by promoting products during several promotional days and seasons, such as electronic and other products during Black Friday and other sale seasons.
  • One of the best advantages you will get through this website is that you would be able to get access to the biggest marketplace.
  • The option of enhancing your skills with the help of some very useful and advanced tools. This tools will help you in getting more traffic on your website.
  • You will also be given the option of getting rapid deal options such as ‘Buy Now’ and others.
  • You will also be given the option of getting support from millions of communication channels for the purpose of marketing and promotions.
eBay partner network program
eBay partner network program

How to Establish Your Account

  1. Join eBay Partner Network Program

If you are interested in becoming a part of eBay Partner network program then, firstly you are supposed to establish your account by clicking on the sign up the link. During sign up you will be asked to provide information about your business process plus you will also be asked to give information about your website, page or blog type and then, a company will ask you to choose a valid yet interesting description for your website.

However, if you don’t own a website, blog or social media page, you can still join this website and start to get important information about the ways of earning money.

  1. Check out the Program Tab

Once you become successful in making your account, now you are supposed to check out the program tab for getting more information about your country policies. These policies are highly important and should not be neglected by the person. Program tab will also guide you about the payment structure opted by the country and it will also help you in checking out the status of your application.

  1. Search for The Link Generator

Once you have checked your status, now it’s time to search for those banners and links which you could post on your website for earning money. If we analyze the working mechanism of these banners then, they will help you in representing that you are a part of eBay Partner Network program and people will start trusting your website.

You can search for these banners with the help of toolbar and then, by clicking on the link generator or creative link generator option.

  • Working of Link Generator:

Link generator is one of the most effective tools, it makes the site owners aware with the type of audience, which visit their site on the basis of geographic of the targeted readers. When we talk about a link then, you are supposed to choose a separate link for your website which is known as URL then, you need to select a home page item and customized keyword for marketing. Keywords are highly important for a website, therefore; they should not be neglected at any cost.

  • Use Creatives:

Creatives help you in targeting your market and posting those links which are effective in nature. You can choose creatives based on your market. For instance, if your market is not interested in a crowded website then, you can choose small size, decent colored and effective banner of the link for your website. It is always good to study your market before designing banners.

  1. Post Your Bank Details

Once you are done with all the basic steps, now it’s time to pay attention to your bank details. Bank details are highly crucial and should not be overlooked. If you are interested in filling account details then, check out the Account tab and click on the payment section of eBay Partner Network. Just like any other affiliate company, eBay Partner Network offers two types of methods.

  • PayPal
  • Direct Deposit.

Availability of these accounts depends on the policy of that company in which you are residing. Choose your desired payment method and fill out the important details. Some country residents are also asked to provide information about their Tax system so that proper payment can proceed on time. It is good to choose those methods which are common and easily available in your country so that your payment can be made on time.


Look at the Entire Payment Procedure

There is certainly no denying the fact that payment is one of the most important procedure and should not be overlooked. If we talk about the payment process of eBay Partner Network then, eBay pays its affiliates on the basis of the commission.

If you become successful in convincing people and they made the purchase within 24 hours then, you can easily earn a good sum of commission. eBay has assigned a different number of the commission to different products. The ratio and commission chart, described by eBay is as follows:

  • Toys, 50% Commission:

If you become successful in selling toys to your targeted market within the time period of 24 hours then, you can easily earn 50% commission. Toys are sometimes called as complex products because it is relatively easy to convince children than parents who are the actual buyers of the product.

  • Electronics, 55% Commission:

Electronics is the another very important category and accounts for almost 55% of commission. If you become successful in selling electronic items within the period of 24 hours after the convincing period then, you would be able to get 55% earnings which will be calculated with the help of ‘Earning Calculator’.

  • Fashion, 65% Commission:

One of the highest paid commission categories of eBay Partner network is Fashion. This category is considered as one of the most important categories and should not be neglected. If you become successful in selling Fashion related products such as clothes, shoes, accessories and other important items then, you will be given around 65% commission.

Above mentioned categories are highly important and help you in estimating your earnings per day and you can also choose that which category interests you more and then, you can easily start money based on your interest and experience.


Ways of Doubling your Commission

Once you become successful in earning your basic commission then, you can easily start
thinking about those strategies which could help you in doubling your commission.
According to many types of research done by few writers indicates that there are several
ways which could be used for doubling your money.

One of the most amazing things about eBay partner program is that it allows you to
interact with several famous brands and let you grow. If you are interested in doubling
your commission then, you should follow below-mentioned principles.

  • EPN Calendar:

Keep an eye on the working of eBay Partner Network Program. eBay Partner Network
Program help you in getting more income with the help of calendar of each month. If
you are wondering that what is eBay Partner Network Program calendar then, this
calendar is used by the company’s authority for determining your commission. It starts
the day you decide to submit your application. The more you sell in first three months of
your application, the more chances you will get off double commission.

  • Doubling Procedure:

Doubling is applied on those accounts which are new and have joined the company 3 months ago. The period of three months might comprise of one partial month, depending upon your time of application.

You can easily get around 5000(depending on currency) as a double bonus, if you
become successful in selling at least one product from the before stated company
categories. For instance, if you sell one item from Toys, which consists of 50%
commission within the period of three months then, you would be able to earn a double

There is certainly no doubt in the fact that eBay is one of those companies which is
known for its amazing working system and provide millions of opportunities to those
who are interested in expanding their pockets.


Advantages of Linking with eBay Partner Network:

There are several benefits which are attached with this eBay and we think you should
know about them so that you can perform in a decent manner and earn more sum of
money with the passion.

  • Gives you an opportunity of playing around with a number of products. Unlike, any other
    affiliate website eBay holds the vision of providing an extensive number of products to its
    affiliates so that people can work accordingly and earn a maximum commission.
  • You don’t need to sale single type of products on daily basis. eBay is known for updating its
    profile on frequent basis thus providing a wide range of products to its affiliates.
  • Its aims to make the convincing process easy by offering free shipping on daily deals. You can easily convince your targeted market based on plus points offered by the company.
  • eBay also provides advanced information and knowledge to its affiliates about upcoming
    products so that affiliates could start preparing market about the new upcoming products.
  • eBay also provides integrated links to its affiliates so that they can work accordingly and post
    those links on their websites. These links are used as a source of creating trust.


What Should You Do?

Now it’s time to talk about one of the most important kinds of stuff. You must be wondering that what should you do to earn the maximum amount of commission. The below mentioned will help you in earning enough money.

  • Strategies to Drive Relevant Traffic:

You should focus on those strategies, which could help you in driving relevant traffic
toward the website of eBay through your website. You can use several promotional
techniques such as giveaway deals, buy one and get one free deal and you can also ask
them to share your post and then, you can give your audience certain perks. These
strategies will help you in gaining the attention of the larger yet serious market.

  • Market with Passion:

You surely need to market your products with sheer passion. It is always good to market
those products, which you have used before so that you can convey the features and
benefits associated with the product in an organized manner.

Above mentioned are few ways which will help you in increasing your commission and getting paid for your amazing talent.

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