UPDATE: DA shit is still working ( at least at yt forgot about dm atm) hello ladies , i don't like to keep it long so lets get straight to it
i'll be talking about Bighits4u TE , i've been raping.. i mean testing it for a couple a days now
and i'm very suprised by the result it gave, it remined me of hitleap back in the days when every one was raping yt as hard as it gets, i tested this TE in both DM and YT , the best thing about it is that you can set custom ref for free and it does the job perfectly
it uses an app based browser which appeared in Goo.gl as chrome browser , and the ref as facebook (you can choose whatever you want)

it can also be used for sticky views just set a low /H timer
if you want it for monetized views then it doesn't matter just set it loose

any way try for your self : Bighits4u

reg under me and help me : REF / non ref
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