Hey Brothers!
i'm willing to share with you a simple trick that will allow you to make as much as you like from any MCN especially freedom and bentpixels.
here's some screenshots:
btw i have 2 channels one is partnered with Freedom and the other with bentpixels,let's start with Freedom :

Proofs of freedom :


P.S for those who says that freedom won't pay you more than 5$ if your traffic is fake,they're right and that's why you have to mix your traffic (organic and TE) this way freedom won't detect any fake traffic.
-How can i bring organic traffic?
the secret is on the niche.(i'll tell you everything when you do me an easy favor)
-Which TE should i use?
i used websyndic,then WS it did not exceed the 90 sec in time settings.but now they 300 sec which is great.

-How man VPS ?
15,don't forget that both my channels were receiving 80% organic and the rest '20%' from WS.

here's another screen shot for my DM account,unfortunately i didn't received my payment yet because i still didn't rich the required amount which is 100% and the reason for this is low cpm and 0 impressions knowing that i send 10k views daily but 0 conversions.

just for your information i quit this field because managing more than 20 vps is a pain in the ass.
Now let's jump to the hot part,all i'm asking is to sign up in a specific website and verify your email (will take only 2 mins).
if you signed up put your email below and i'll send ASAP 2 bonuses :

1- hot niche-hot keywords-free videos-organic traffic.

2-(Optional) if you want it.

Thanks you guys.