So apparently many people who have joined a subnetwork owned by Scalelab have been unable to log in to their dashboard and have had their Youtube channel unlinked from the network, that's ok, but the funny thing is that for whatever reason we have been unlinked, whether it was for botted views or not, they did it right before paying us for December. So right now, they have our money. This is unacceptable.

There was a similar incident in the past where an employee of Scalelab mistakenly copyrighted ALL material owned by Youtubers signed to the network and thankfully, that time Scalelab was quick to fix the issue as well as reimburse all users affected. (read about it here: YouTube Copyright Fiasco Get Wilder, But This Time Someone Admits Error )

I hope that the network would be as responsive to us as in the past but for now I would seriously recommend anyone who cares about their money and is connected to a Scalelab subnetwork to send a message to Scalelab and demand an explantion, as well as to send a message to their subnetwork administrator and ask him to also contact Scalelab on behalf of all the users affected and ask what is going on.

Ways to contact:
Contact form: ScaleLab
Tel (if you're in the US: +13105267524