This is a quick autorestart script for Chromium (sorry about the title) on Arch Linux (I prefer this combination for the best performance on my VPS servers)

Step 1. Create a new file on your desktop called and use the following:

[COLOR=black !important]

while true; do
DISPLAY=:1 chromium "" --disable-session-crashed-bubble --no-sandbox --user-data-dir=/home/chrome/ &
sleep 3600
kill $chromium_pid
If your server is on a different display, change it. Also edit the link to you exchange.php link.

Step 2. Open terminal, cd to your Desktop's location (usually /root/Desktop) and type
[COLOR=black !important]

chmod +x[/COLOR]
Step 3. Simply go to your desktop and right click the script -> run in terminal and minimize it and forget it. You can also use screen or tmux to hide it in the background.

Edit: Another option for running Chromium as root by @SSH SERVICE
Another method i used:

Edit file /etc/chromium-browser/default with text editor.

Add line CHROMIUM_FLAGS="--user-data-dir"