Hello Guys,

here my Method to make Money for your Video on Youtube with new Settings.
This don't work with Adsense. Only with MCN's or without monetizing!

Work's best when your Video are 8-10 minutes length.

EDIT: This works after the 301+ dead very fine for Money Making.

This Thread are a updated Version of my "Breaking 301 Views with Websyndic" with new Settings for more Money.

I will updated my own Earnings as soon as possible.

Step 1: Register on Websyndic: Autosurf Websyndic v3 en (Non ref: http://www.websyndic.com)

Step 2: Surf on the Auto Surf and earn Credits. (You can earn unlimited Credits with use VPN, Proxies or VPS)

Step 3: Add your Youtube URL. Show this Picture for the Settings:

The Youtube URL must have this Format: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=123456789

Step 4: Make sure you have enough Credits for the Video. But you can unlimited earn Credits.

A very nice Effect you get from Websyndic monetized Views like this:

When you look for good unique Gameplay Videos. I can recommend @Mylolmania Sell Thread: http://thebot.net/threads/っ◔◡◔-っ-♥-gameplay-shop-by-mlm-♥.320666/

My total Income with this Method: 24,76 $

Update 22.07.15: Earn 8,71 $

Update 23.07.15: Earn 11,83 $

Update 14.08.2015: Earn 4,22 $

The first updating Money with the new Settings:

Thank for your reading this Thread and good luck.