So there is this relatively new YouTube network I've just joined that have uncapped CPM's, no lock-in contracts, very low channel requirements and are really quick and responding to any questions.

They accept the same sort of botted traffic that works with fullscreen, but I've noticed they often pay much better rates for it!

The payment is really high, from just 1030 views this month I've already made $1.52, much more than most networks would pay. All in all this network is very similar to fullscreen, it just pays more and has faster response times for users with questions and has lower requirements to join!

In addition to this, they also pay for user's to refer people to the site, you get 10% of the user's earnings for the first year of there channel's partnership, here's my refferal link, it would be really helpful if you could use it (If you do use it I will answer any of your questions, if you don't I won't help you) JOIN NOW CLICK HERE

Non ref link