Hope you are all doing great. There are a bunch of people who are going really fast with their earnings at present.. So many new TE at this moment. The CPM is increasing a lot too!
You people will surely go ahead with yours! Good luck to you all out there!!!
I don't think I can continue with my youtube career anymore. Somedays ago mine was also running great like every other person here.


I Stopped sending traffics to my youtube for some days. But, When i checked the day before yesterday the ads weren't showing up! I waited and waited, tried to change the settings but nothing really seemed to work . Everything is clear! My monetization settings, my network (BBTV). It used to show the video ads in the beginning of every video. but, now it has stopped showing any of them. There is no hint of a single problem!

I posted here at TBN but none seemed to care. I thought people are here to help each other but I was wrong. Nobody would help a newbie like me. Without any support and many friends out here, it is really hard to advance. So, I had thoughts to quit.

Thanks for everthing people.