Hi! Today, I am going to show you how to obtain Market Samurai Free trial version that can be extended over and over again with this very simple method, of course if you have revo-uninstaller it will be easier. But anyway let's begin.

First Step:
Go to this website to get your 40 days trial: Click here

Second Step:
Input your name and email.
Note: Do not use the same email, instead use a temporary email generator service such as Dispostable .

Third Step:
Make sure you have Adobe AIR Installed. Then continue installing Market Samurai.

Forth Step:
You are now done, your 40-days trial is now currently active. After 40 days, follow the next step.

Fifth Step:
If you have revo-uninstaller, good, this software can help you uninstall programs without leaving any residual files behind in your computer.If you do not have revo uninstaller,

Find this: C:\Users\[YourUserName]\AppData\Roaming\MarketSamurai.[XXXXXX]\Local Store (Win 7/vista/8)

Delete this folder and now you can re-register your trial all over again with a different email and name.

Hope this helps in getting one of the most useful keyword research tool on the web.