I am here to help you get a FREE USA phone number, this helps you in signing up for sites such as facebook,etc.. and it also helps on sites such as : mGarlic - Get Paid to Receive SMS Ads on Your Mobile at Your Convenience! and Cash Texts :: Get Paid to Receive Texts, E-mails and Ads!

- Android / iOS phone
- Brain (optional)

What can you do with the number:
- Receive SMS
- Send SMS to other US numbers

What can't you do with the number:
- Call other numbers
- Receive Calls

1. Go to the application store of your mobile (ios appstore, or google play store)
2. Search for an application called HeyWire
HeyWire - Free Texting - Free SMS - in 45+ Countries, plus Facebook Chat, and Twitter

LiveMessage Customer Service | Service Cloud - Salesforce.com

3. Download and install the application
4. Open the application
5. Setup your account by filing in the details (you can use Generate a Random Name - Fake Name Generator for address info) Make sure the country is US
6. Verify your account by clicking the link in the email they sent you.
7. You will now have a USA phone number