This is a very simple and free method to make over $100 per day using Cragislist & Fiverr. The very first day I decided to try this I made $40.

You've probably heard about this method before but didn't take the time to put it into action. Its these kinds of methods that prove anyone can't make money online if they just take the time to follow through.

The Method...

1. Open up a browser and go to Cragislist and click on a city that has a fairly large population.

2. Search in the gigs section for a job or service that you think someone might be looking for.

3. Pick out a few that seem easy to complete.

4. Now go to Fiverr and search for people that can complete the job for $5

5. Once you find a reliable worker on Fiverr that can complete the job in a timely manner go back to Cragislist and contact the people looking for the service. Tell them you can complete the job and agree upon a price.

6. Once they pay you now go back to Fiverr and hire the seller to complete the job for $5

7. Pocket the profits

8. Repeat