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Due to the changes in YouTube only last week I have discovered an unbelievable opportunity to legally place Google Adword ads in your YouTube videos...


We all know we can add links UNDERNEATH the video but a vast majority of viewers simply don’t see them and therefore the opportunity of a click through is lost

Its a fact...

Clickable Ads in YouTube Videos Increase Conversions Off The Scale!

We know this because up until now the only way to get a clickable ad in your video was to pay a fortune to Google adwords

Not any more…

Watch this short video I have put together to showcase the possibilities, this method takes less than 15 minutes to set up and you can be making money by the end of day 1!

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To watch the video in YouTube. Due to size restrictions for videos on the forum, the adwords ad is blocked by the black footer on the video below

Step by Step Blueprint

Easy to Follow with full set up diagrams


Fast and Easy, Be up and Running in just 15 minutes!

Can you imagine the traffic and sales you will get if one of your videos goes viral? and after all what a great incentive to get cracking churning out quick 30 second power point slides you can create or easily get created on fiverr using your existing content

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