1. Register a domain name in a niche you are passionate about and in which there are a lot of professional.
For Example:

2. Go over to and get 10-15 articles written on the most popular topics.
How to find topics? GOOGLE KEYWORD TOOL!

3. Don't fuck around with SEO or thinking about competition just yet.
4. Install WordPress on the domain and install a clean professional looking theme.

5. Once you get the articles post them on your new blog 1-2 per day BUT don't post under your name. At the end of the article post something like: "This post was contributed by Dr. XXXXXX XXXXX on his visit to YOUR AREA. Dr. XXXXX is an expert in bla bla bla. Got questions? Contact him"
Why do this?

This makes it look like your website is very popular and a lot of Dentists are contributing which will be helpful in the next stage where we automate content and still build an authority business website.

6. Once you have all the content up and running and the site looks clean - contact dentists in your area. Then upscale to your entire state and then focus on north, south, east, west.

The goal is to get as many dentists as you can to contribute content to your blog.
They build the content, your websites rank, they drive the traffic.
7. Send them an email, a physical mail (most important) and call them. Tell them that they can get new customers from your website since you allow adding contact details after the post.

Most experts are always willing to contribute content because they want an ego boost which you provide by saying sugar coated words in exchange of the highest quality content you could ever get.

Once they send you the articles, add images and make it look as professional and awesome.

Then add a few comments on your own (this shows them they are getting people reading their articles, and this is the best time to get them to write 5 more articles) - give them the blog link and ask them to share on their facebook pages.

This drives traffic, backlinks, gets readers and ultimately builds your websites.

9. I won't give you the exact letter that you need to send them because I want you to do something to but just include that your site gets XXXXX visitors a month, you have international Dr. contributing content and so on. If you don't know how, READ ABOUT COPYWRITING!


1. They get you traffic and within a few months of doing it you should have a few hundred articles up and running. Since they are the best quality articles you can find they are going to get crazy good feedback from people BOOSTING YOUR WEBSITE RANKINGS!

You could easily promote CPA/CB offers on the website.

2. I always suggest building an email list first and then promoting. So if I were you, I would build a website and get them to sign up to an email newsletter and then promote via emails. You could do it CB/CPA promotions too but make email marketing your TOP PRIORITY!

3. This is something that you can make major bank with and something that I've implemented recently.

Once you start getting enough traffic and clicks - contact the most well know dentists (in this case) and tell them that you are selling ad spots on your website which is getting XXXXXXX visitors and has contributions from XXXXX XXXXX (his competitors).

Charge $500 monthly for PREMIUM SPOTS!
(Top right 250X250, Inside article body) = $1000 per month.

Charge $150 monthly for 6 125X125 buttons
(Right hand side bar) = $900 monthly

This is an additional $1,900 over and above the money and list you are already building!

That is it, Make money, make it RAIN!