So remember that thread everyone saw a few days ago where you could get free Fiverr gigs? :

I always thought to myself that there were a few interesting Fiverr gigs that I'd like to test out, so I did exactly that.

I exploited that method to purchase a few Twitter gigs that would tweet out anything you want.

I then told them to tweet out a few affiliate links for me, for a pretty high converting IM product.

When I woke up the next day, the commission emails started coming in.

These were some of the gigs I used:

Now you can do this with pretty much anything that converts. Whether it's a ClickBank offer or a CPA offer, etc

Be creative and test the waters.

I paid $0.00 by using the coupons for Fiverr and got away with $300+ in profit.

Now I know which gigs work and I can scale up by purchasing more.