Long Tail Pro Platinum Edition - Nulled

What if you have a large list of keywords that you want to check for search volume, cost per click, and other data? Chances are that you would like to see the data for these keywords only without generating additional keywords initially.
Well, now you are in luck! We’ve just released a new “platinum” feature that allows you to import up to 10,000 of your own keywords at once!

If you own a blog, users are likely finding your site through various long tail keywords already. By running this list of keywords through Long Tail Platinum, you’ll be able to detect high value keywords that perhaps you had not targeted very well in the past.
Once a winning keyword is found, you may want to consider writing a blog post specifically targeting this keyword (if you haven’t already), or taking other measures to generate traffic from this keyword.
In addition, you can compile large lists of keywords from other locations through your own brainstorming, websites with lists, other tools, and many other locations.
This powerful new feature is sure to put you a step ahead of your competition…

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