VPS Proxy Gold

[+] No limit of five gates.
[+] Support chains gates.
[+] 3 modes of chains:
- Direct sequence (traffic passes through a series of gates,
which you clearly stated)
- Random strings (each request is passed through a chance to
line up a chain of gates)
- Random chain with a certain output gate (similar to the
previous mode, except that the final gate remains constant).
In the last two modes, you can display the number of gates in
each generated chain.
[+] Ability to speed up surfing through the chains by local
caching IP-addresses.
[+] Added support for HTTPS gates (no matter how many of
[+] Using a cascade encryption - can be used any number of
gates with different encryption keys.
[+] In the case of an error (wrong password / key / gate
version) the program will tell exactly which link in the chain that
[+] Built-checker gates.
[+] You can check all the gates at once, or each gate
individually when adding / editing.
[+] Built-in gates.
[+] Now you can insert the code gate pre-generated table of
permutations. Thus eliminating the need to store the
encryption key directly in the gate, and generate a table for
each access to the gate.
[+] Automate the process of creating a masked gate with
[+] Ability to delete from the code perevodoa lines and tabs.
[+] Ability to set proivolnyh request headers.
[+] Ability to specify the host on which will be sent to a specific
[+] Ability to temporarily activate / deactivate specific title.