So lets say you want to play a game for the wii but you dont have any money cause your too lazy to do offers or just poor So I'm here today to teach the people of TBN how to get free Wii and Gamecube games!

~ First off ~

what you need

1) a Wii for gamecube games an older white one that has the gamecube controller hook ups etc. if its newer like say black etc than you can only play
wii games (Wii minis dont work with this what so ever)

2) a sd card with reader

3) usb driver 4gb lowest

4) a few files which ill provide at the bottom of this

5) a brain

6) U-torrent

7) Game you want

Now that you have all that you now want to is download the files from this

and here

Then open the winrar file open the folder that says sdcard and copy it to your sd card

Also download that put your mac adress for your wii and fill the captacha and
click either blue or red doesnt matter and replace it with the main files in the sd not the sub folders

Then open the folder that says computer and extract it to your computer

After that take your sd card out and put it in your wii

THENNN Open your mailbox and go over a few pages and you'll see a red envelope with a bomb sticking out of it

Then click it you should go to a black screen read it accept its rules etc
wait for it to load install the homebrew channel then go back to your main screen

Then you'll see the homebrew channel popped up Now you can run homebrew

Open it then go to wad manager (if you want to install gamecube games if not skip this also the next one)

then go to wads than install the one that says mios dios wait for it to install

then go to wiiflow and and your wii games should be showing then just select it and hit play!

IF you want gamecube games just go to the bottom right corner and hit the Gamecube Icon and there they are.

If the screen flickers when you run a game do not freak out just go to options and go to force NTCU (options are in the bottom left corner)

Same for Gamecube games

So now you should be ready to go enjoy your free games

Were to find the games



if you want cases go to

and download the game you want then go to your sdcard and in the wii flow folder put those in the "cover" section

use the DM folder to make the Gamecube Iso smaller its pretty self explanitory

Use the wbfs manager for wii games (seprate usb drive put the usb in the port closest to the left)

Thanks and rep is grateful