Hey guys, just found a BTC mine. ;D

It's easy and the Rainbot gives you every 10 minutes btc to play the game.

Link: https://diggit.io/

How to Play?

The game board (which we call the field) is made up of 25 squares (5x5 grid). The field contains a customizable amount of mines and the rest is win spaces. The goal of the game is to dig as many of the win spaces as you can without digging up a mine. As you dig more win spaces, your BTC winnings increase. Be careful though, as these winnings are not yours until you choose to "TAKE WIN". If a mine is hit before you take win, you lose your initial bet plus any potential winnings you had accumulated. You can dig as little as one square, or even the entire field (minus the mines).

Can I get some free bits? (RainBot)

You sure can! the RainBot will send out free coins every ~10 minutes. Just click the link he supplies and enjoy the free bits!

How to invest and Triple the Gains?

As the image above, you can send any amount of bitcoins to the site and play. The deposits are confirmed only after just one confirmation. Usually takes 5 minutes. It is super safe and withdrawals are made instant.

Link: https://diggit.io/