Hey community,

Today I want to share an easy method, how to make 0.02.
It's super newb friendly and you can earn even more than that!

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1. Go to this link then scroll down
2. Fill-up the form.
3. *IMPORTANT* In the ‘Who referred you?’ box, enter the name "Ryan Phn" to get the 2000 UR.
4. Balance over time can be swapped into BTC (Bitcoin). In the meantime every 2000 UR valued around 0.01794404 BTC

After the registration, you’ll receive a message saying “Thank you! We have added you email address to the waiting list – you are currently #xxx. You will receive 2000 UR once the app is available, you download it and prove your identity?”

If you want to earn more money from this, you can refer other people to your referral link. There are a few methods.
1. Using TOR, going onto your ref link and signing up
2. Sharing it on social media
3. Posting on online forums (maybe not leakforums)

Be creative on the ways you can spread your ref link. Maybe creating a website or a video about it?

You can check out the exchange rate here