You heard me right
This personal method works on any bets lost and I've attached proof below as well.

What you'll need for this to work:

  • Know your sites interface.
    Editing skills on your bet status screen.
    Placing multiple bets is essential [Safe -> Risky]
    Their contact Info.

1 -> Open each bet your gonna place in multiple tabs in the following order: Safe -> Risky(high valued) & place only your safe bet.

2 -> You'll need to capture 2 edited screenshots results here, one as a win and the other as a loss. (Based on how the sites interface displays their results)

For this, you'll need to Photoshop/Inspect Element your bet status page (your safe bet) to:
(a) Win followed by a screenshot
(b) Loss followed by a screenshot

3 -> Now place your your risky bet & wait for your event to end.

4 -> If you loose your risky bet get in contact with them via email/bitcointalk & let them know your 2nd bet wasn't confirmed on your bet status. You waited patiently for the amount to be refunded back to your address but sadly it wasn't

Share them the screenshot as proof which shows the result be determined with only the first bet being confirmed despite blockchain showing the 2nd payment been made and request them to rectify this error.

A few of them might act bitchy on their first reply but convince them that you weren't actively involved in the latter bet as your status failed to show any confirmation. You eagerly waited for the refund to be settled till you decided to contact them

Make them aware on how you've contributed to their rankings (link) and now feel misguided with this glitch as your proof speaks for itself.

The key here is to be polite & professional but at the same time ensure to hint on how you could hamper their reputation due to this misfortune.

This should loosen them up and you could expect your refund in no time.