So there is a method that I found to be working to earn you all some free Bitcoin as long as you take the time to try it out.

1. Visit and sign up here.
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2. Click on cabinet, and choose start mining Doge.. you can choose others but we will get to the point later.

3. Next, we need to copy your affiliate link. This is crucial for you to make extra cash fast.

4. Open a Tor session.

5. Paste and bookmark affiliate link for use in Tor.

6. You will need a fake email generator such as this to register accounts

7. Once registered and logged in, click on cabinet again and start mining Doge.

8. Start new Tor sessions and make more referrals to your original account.

9. Make a few Doge miners, LTC miners, and DASH miners.

10. These are later exchanged into GHS, which can be used to make us our BITCOINs